Bike Accident Victim?

Injury Lawyers Dedicated To Getting You Pedaling Again

Metier Law Firm, LLC understands how devastating a personal injury from a bike accident can be. Bicycle accident victims can lose their lives or can suffer severe injuries such as crushed bones and other orthopedic injuries, traumatic brain injuriesspinal cord injuries and loss of limbs. To make matters worse, insurance companies for the liable party will have a team of lawyers who want to get you the least amount of compensation for your injuries. They will question the sequence of events leading up to the bicycle accident and they will attempt to play down your injuries and minimize the loss and grief you have suffered. Bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as other motor vehicles, a concept that motorists and insurance companies neglect to realize.

Our injury lawyers are not afraid to challenge insurance companies and their lawyers. Quite the opposite; our attorneys welcome the opportunity to strongly represent our clients’ interests, because we are in control and fighting for your right as a bicycle accident victim to receive the compensation and justice you deserve. Metier Law Firm, LLC is dedicated to helping bicycle car accident victims obtain just compensation for pain and suffering, lost economic opportunities and wages, medical expenses both past and ongoing, and other accident related expenses.

Our attorneys are well versed in bicycle laws across the country and have extensive experience in dealing with bicycle accident insurance companies. Metier Law Firm, LLChas represented hundreds of cyclists injured by motorists, unsafe road conditions or defective cycling products leading to motor vehicle liability, products liability and wrongful death claims. We know what it takes to convince a jury to deliver an equitable verdict that compensates you for your injuries and delivers justice. We have obtained substantial verdicts and settlements for clients who ride, including:

  • A competitive bicyclist who suffered a severe brain injury after her bicycle was struck from behind by a driver who was not watching the road.
  • A wife and mother who was killed by a drunk driver while riding her bicycle with a friend.

Dealing with bicycle laws and insurance companies that are not looking out for your best interest is difficult, even when you suffered only a minor injury due to a bike accident. Let us handle your case while you focus on your recovery. Metier Law Firm, LLC is staunchly committed to providing bike accident victims with the exceptional client service, support and resources they will need to bring them to a comfortable, safe place. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in a bicycle accident, contact an accident attorney at Metier Law Firm, LLC and let us provide you and your family with the comfort, safety and strength you need to get you pedaling again. We serve clients in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and nationwide.