Attorneys for Oilfield Workers

You keep our country moving.  We help you move forward after a serious injury.

Oilfield work is a dangerous, fast-paced profession where people spend long hours around large, complex equipment in conditions that most people can’t handle. Combined with being away from home for weeks at a time and you have an industry filled with some of the toughest and most dedicated people in America.

Whether on the job or anywhere else, you deserve a legal team just as dedicated to helping you after a serious injury accident has derailed your life.  Metier Law Firm, LLC offers aggressive, experienced representation for a wide range of industrial and oil field accident cases, including:

Generally, there are many different contractors, companies and employees working on oil rigs, mines, refineries, industrial plants or gas drilling sites. If you are injured and the liable party is your own company, you could get workers’ compensation. If you are injured and the liable party is not your company, you may be able to get additional damages to cover your losses.

Throughout our 30 year history, Metier Law Firm, LLC has been representing miners, refinery workers, gas drillers, roughnecks, tool pushers, oil field truck drivers and other industrial workers throughout the country. We understand the inherent dangers of these professions and are well versed in the laws governing the precautions employers must take under OSHA, as well as under laws like the federal Mine Safety and Health Act. In some cases, companies do not follow these laws and regulations, and dangerous jobs become unreasonably dangerous.

Our injury lawyers will consult with accident reconstruction experts and industry safety experts to determine the cause of the accident. They will diligently review industry standards and company policies to establish if there was a violation and carefully investigate evidence to ascertain liability. As tough and dedicated as you are on the oil rig or in the mine, our attorneys are as tough and dedicated in the courtroom when it comes to protecting your rights.

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury in an industrial or oil field accident, contact a accident attorney at Metier Law Firm, LLC to discuss your case, find out how your injuries are affecting your life and get you the compensation you deserve. We serve clients in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and nationwide.