$2.9 Million Award for Fatal Motorcycle Accident

On the side of Redds Branch Road in Aiken, SC, you will find a roadside memorial with a brick lining, white and pink flowers, a white cross that says “Christie” and a small light to illuminate it at night.

The memorial marks the spot where Michael and Christie Valenzuela had a fatal motorcycle accident that took Christie’s life. They were both on Michael’s Harley Davidson when a construction vehicle ran a stop sign in front of them. Michael had to swerve to avoid hitting the massive piece of equipment.

Testimony from residents who frequented the intersection said that construction vehicles ran the stop sign frequently, even after the accident. The vehicles would cross the intersection, pick up dirt from a landfill and take it back to the site.

An employee from Sam English Grading Inc. testified that his supervisor told his employees to run the stop sign because it saved time. He said it took about eight to 10 seconds for the heavy equipment to come a complete stop. With about 50 intersection crossings a day, the company saved eight minutes a day by violating traffic laws.

The jury sided with the Valenzuelas and awarded $2.9 million to their estate. Their lawyer said that while it does not bring Christie back, the family is satisfied with the outcome.

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