Monthly Archives: July 2011

Off-Duty Officer Was in Another Accident Minutes Before Fatal Crash

When Michael Martel, 42, the off-duty Michigan police officer, went off the road in Clay Township, about 35 miles northeast of Detroit, it was not the only accident he’d had that day. About 20 minutes before the crash where Martel was critically injured, he fell off his motorcycle in Marine City. At about 12:10 a.m. two… read more

Hit-and-Run Driver Leaves Scene on Three Wheels

Thomas Hugh Sternberg, 30, of Casper, was taken into custody after leaving the scene of a head-on collision with only three wheels on his truck. “The front left wheel had been knocked off and the vehicle was riding on the axle and brake drum on the front left side,” according to the affidavit from the… read more

Colorado Rider Injured in Maine Motorcycle Crash

The rider, identified as a 52-year-old man from Colorado, was treated for his injuries at the scene but refused transport to a local hospital. The accident occurred around 11:00 a.m. on Monday, July 18, 2011 on Carl Broggi Highway in Lebanon, Maine. The GMC Pickup was travelling westbound and slowed to make a left turn… read more

Kansas Schools Emphasize Head Injury Prevention

A new state law designed to prevent or limit the severity of concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in student athletes took effect on July 1, 2011. The School Sports Head Injury Prevention Act specifically addresses when a student may return to competition after a head injury. Under the new law, if a school athlete… read more

Suspect in Dragging Death Pleads Not Guilty

Detra Farries, the woman accused of dragging a tow truck driver to his death in February 2011, has pleaded not guilty to the charges against her. The charges against her include felony hit-and-run, vehicular manslaughter, vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of an accident in the death of Allen Rose, 35, in Colorado Springs on… read more

Mild Brain Injury May Increase Dementia Risk

Research presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in France, on Monday, July 18, 2011, challenges the idea that only moderate or severe brain injuries predispose people to dementia. According to recent studies, even a concussion or mild brain injury might put someone at risk. One large study of older veterans raises new concern about… read more