Monthly Archives: August 2011

Ski Team Member Dies in Water Skiing Accident

Though he was a ski team member, Bodee Peterson of Hudson, Iowa died after a water skiing accident on August 17 at Eagle Lake in Iowa. According the Iowa Gazette, the nine-year-old fell while skiing on the same lake that his Waterhawks Ski Club performs. Two other people fell while skiing, and the three waited… read more

Maine Bikers Protest Noise Regulations

Maine’s state legislature passed a bill this spring to regulate the noise levels that motorcycles ridden in Maine can produce because many bikes have custom exhaust systems and pipes to make the bike sound louder. According to WCSH-6, bikers contested the motorcycle noise law on Saturday, August 13 by riding the streets of Limington, Maine.… read more

Logging Tractor-Trailer Causes Fatal Accident

A logging tractor-trailer killed Claudia Tena de Ramirez of Glenwood Springs, Colorado on August 16 in a horrific trucking accident due to careless driving. According to the Glenwood Springs Post Independent, the logging truck driver ran a red light at an intersection while driving southbound on Highway 82 in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. De Ramirez made… read more

Victim of Motorcycle Crash Refused Medical Attention, Died Later

A motorcyclist from Georgetown, Delaware collided with a tractor-trailer on August 10 when the truck pulled into the biker’s path. According to WBOC-16, the biker, 73-year-old Harold Robinson, traveled northbound until the tractor-trailer in a southbound turn lane moved into Harold’s lane. The biker lost control of the motorcycle and hit mailboxes, and Robinson told… read more

Fatal Wyoming Motorcycle Crash

North of Lusk, Wyoming, a motorcyclist from Pleasant Hill, Iowa died on August 11 due to a crash with a truck. According to the Lusk Herald, Motorcyclist Jefferson Adams headed northbound on U.S. Highway 85, along with Damon Hand of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Hand drove a truck pulling a 28-foot trailer, and he missed his… read more