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Two Serious Motorcycle Accidents May Have Been Prevented

It always seems that bad things happen in pairs. For example, the Nevada Highway Patrol is currently investigating two separate motorcycle accidents that occurred within a short time of each other. According to, one accident resulted in a fatality, and the other accident left a rider hospitalized in critical condition. The first accident occurred… read more

Drug Rehab Center Charged with Overmedicating Patients

New Life Lodge, Tennessee’s largest drug rehabilitation center, is under fire for the deaths of two patients at its facility within a few months of each other in 2010. Lindsey Poteet, a 29-year-old patient, died on September 1, 2010, the day the facility stated that she would complete her rehab program. She showed pneumonia-like symptoms,… read more

Community Rallies around Couple Involved in Motorcycle Accident

A labor room delivery nurse remains in a coma after she and her husband crashed into a semi-trailer on their motorcycle. In Bellevue, Nebraska, Nicole Locke and Tony Locke were traveling home from church when they collided into a semi. 35-year-old Nicole remains in the hospital, but the hospital recently released her husband. There is… read more

Football Player Suffers Fatal Traumatic Brain Injury on the Field

Traumatic brain injuries are common in contact sports, with many football players suffering several small injuries throughout their careers. For one Frostburg State University football player, one traumatic brain injury on the field proved too many. Derek Sheely, who died last month after he collapsed during practice, suffered a traumatic brain injury due to a… read more

Fort Hood Updates Required Motorcycle Safety Gear

Fort Hood, an Army base located in central Texas, reports that this year’s motorcycle fatalities have dramatically increased from last year. In 2010, three service members died in motorcycle accidents, whereas seven members have died so far in 2011. The commanders of Fort Hood decided to update their motorcycle safety policy in order to remedy… read more

Don’t Sneeze and Drive

“Anyone who has ever sneezed in a car knows what can happen.” What, you may ask, can happen? This quote from Springfield, Missouri Assistant Fire Chief Randy Villines refers to a sneezing fit that possibly caused a fire truck accident. According to Reuters, Paul McGuire drove a fire truck with two other fire fighters on… read more

Construction Worker Dead After Demolition Accident

An occupation in the construction industry can be extremely dangerous, especially in projects involving demolition. In Belltown, Washington, a construction worker died as a result of severe neck trauma while working to demolish a condemned apartment building. According to, there are conflicting accounts of the construction accident, since the first reports of the incident… read more

Traffic Signs Designed to Keep Motorcyclists Safe

One of the best ways for car drivers to prevent motorcycle accidents is to look carefully, especially at intersections, for motorcycles. Allstate Insurance hopes to make drivers think about this motorcycle safety tip in 25 different cities around North Carolina for a week in September. According to, one of the most dangerous intersections in… read more

University of Wyoming Remembers Tenth Anniversary of Student Fatalities

September 11, 2001 affected many people in American as no other incident could. However, September 16, 2001 is also a painful date for many Wyoming natives, who memorialized the 10-year anniversary of a tragic car accident that killed eight members of the University of Wyoming cross-country team. On this date, Clint Haskins drove to see… read more