Monthly Archives: January 2012

Designate a Driver Super Bowl Weekend

Police in El Cerrito, California are urging football fans to designate a driver during Super Bowl weekend. The Bay Area city is likely to be filled with football fans cheering their team on, contributing to increased incidents of drunken driving. “While I encourage everyone to have fun…I implore you to do so in a safe… read more

Man Faces Tenth OVI Conviction

An Ohio man has been charged with his tenth operation under the influence offense after he wrecked his car in a ditch last week. Ralph J. Gipple, 46, crashed his vehicle into a ditch on the Hicksville-Edgerton Road near Hicksville, Ohio. When the car came to rest, Gipple fled on foot. Police tracked him with… read more

Suits Settled Against Drunk Driver

A combined lawsuit against Andrew Schlichtemeier, the drunk driver who killed four Omaha-area motorcyclists in August 2010, has essentially been settled. Schlichtemeier offered the families of the motorcyclists the proceeds from the car insurance policies he carried at the time of the crash, and they accepted. On August 9, 2010, the four riders were returning… read more

Woman Hits Pole While Checking Phone

A woman in Jackman, Maine hit a utility pole head-on after drifting across the road while checking her cell phone. Distracted driving has become a major issue in recent years as increasing numbers of people rely on cell phones for everything from phone calls to emails. The more communication options at our fingertips, the more… read more

Nevada Reducing Road Fatalities With Safety Initiatives

Nevada’s traffic fatalities dropped last year to 243, a decrease that the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) attributes at least in part to the launch of Zero Fatalities, a statewide initiative to reduce highway deaths by employing new safety strategies. After a peak of 432 fatalities in 2006, the number of deaths decreased each year… read more

Distracted Walking a Growing Hazard

The rates of distracted driving are climbing, and a national debate has ensued over what to do about the problem. A Maryland doctor has conducted a study to look at another problem with distraction: distracted walking. Pedestrians walking with headphones in their ears face an increased risk of getting in an accident, according to the… read more

Sheriff’s Deputy Guilty Of Riding Drunk

An off-duty Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputy was convicted and sentenced last week in a drunken driving motorcycle accident that injured his wife. Richard J. Patterson, 38, of West Covina, was riding while intoxicated last year on July 5 while northbound on Interstate 405 near Brookhurst Street in Fountain Valley. He had his wife… read more