Monthly Archives: September 2012

TBI Victim’s Message to Texting Drivers: “It Can Wait”

Wil Craig was 17 years old when he suffered a traumatic brain injury. He was riding in a friend’s car. The friend was texting while driving, and she crashed the car into a tree. She was driving 120 MPH at the time, and she had only gotten six letters into her message: it said “Where… read more

Lindsay Lohan Arrested for Hit and Run

Actress Lindsay Lohan found herself in hot water earlier this month when she allegedly fled the scene of a car accident. According to TMZ, Lohan was driving her Porsche in downtown Manhattan when she hit a pedestrian in his 30s as she pulled into a hotel parking structure. This could cause problems for the actress… read more

Stalled Tractor Trailer Leads to Five Deaths

Vladimir Zhukov, a 66-year-old truck driver from Illinois, was heading west on I-80 through Nebraska when his truck stalled. When he stopped to fix his truck around 4:30 am, it started a chain reaction of car accidents that killed five people. Minnesota truck driver Keith Johnson, 27, crashed his semi-truck into Zhukov’s stalled truck. Johnson… read more

AMA Says: “Vote Like a Motorcyclist”

With the election season in full swing, the American Motorcyclist Association is encouraging bikers to educate themselves on the candidates and where they stand on issues that affect motorcyclists by launching the “Vote Like a Motorcyclist” campaign. The association also published a guide that ranks politicians based on their stances on various motorcycle-related issues. Wayne… read more

Death, Injuries and Equipment Malfunctions at 2012 LaToJa Bike Race

Cyclist Robert Verhaaren, 42, had competed in the LoToJa race at least twice before. The race, sponsored by USA Cycling, snakes 206 miles through Wyoming, Idaho and Utah. Just eight miles before he reached the finish line, Verhaaren swerved to avoid a pothole on a bridge crossing the Snake River in Wyoming. His bicycle crashed… read more

NFL Donates $30 Million to Brain Injury Studies

As the NFL begins its new season, many athletes and spectators wonder how much damage the sport is doing to its players. A class action lawsuit and athlete suicides, along with several studies, suggest a link between football injuries and long-term psychological effects, including depression, suicide and Alzheimer’s disease. To address these concerns, the NFL… read more