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Man Turns Self In After Motorcycle Crash

Ariel Andrade, 52, was driving west on Tampa Road in Palm Harbor, Florida on February 15. When he turned left, he crashed into a motorcycle heading the opposite direction. Richard William Hardy, the injured rider, was taken to Mease Countryside Hospital. Andrade fled the scene. Later, Andrade phoned the Florida Highway Patrol and told them… read more

Wyoming and Colorado Accident Attorneys: Electricity Tower Accident Could Have Killed Dozens

Jimmy Trinh was awakened at 5:35 a.m. by a knock on his door. It was a police officer and a firefighter telling him that he needed to leave his house immediately. His family spent the rest of the night at a neighbor’s house. He did not realize how much danger he was in until the… read more

Wyoming and Colorado Accident Attorneys Exmaine Zero Motorcycles’s Innovative App

Zero Motorcycles is known for the pushing the boundaries of motorcycle technology. The Santa Cruz-based company is pioneering the electric motorcycle trend, and now it hopes to combine smartphone technology with motorcycle performance. The new app, available for free in the Apple and Google play app stores, allows riders to view riding statistics and control… read more

Fewer Motorcycle Crashes, More Traffic Deaths Overall in Colorado Springs Last Year

In 2012, fatal traffic accidents in Colorado Springs went up by 29 percent. That year, 28 fatal crashes killed 32 people. It was the deadliest year for traffic deaths in 16 years, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette. Police attributed a spike in fatal pedestrian accidents – nearly triple from 2011 – for the increase… read more

California Cops Clarify Lane Splitting to Reduce “Limited Anarchy”

In California, motorcycles can engage in lane splitting, which involves riding on the white lines that divide lanes of traffic. Until recently, there were not many specific laws on the books that told riders how they were supposed to ride safely between cars “Really, it has been limited anarchy out there,” said California Highway Patrol… read more

Wyoming and Colorado Injury Attorneys Summarize Study About Older Bikers

A new study shows that older motorcycle riders are more likely to sustain fatal injuries in motorcycle accidents than younger riders. Researchers from Brown University studied data from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System to arrive at their conclusions. While younger riders (aged 20-39) were involved in more accidents, older riders (aged 60 and over)… read more

Wyoming and Colorado Accident Attorneys Examine Link Between Car Accidents, Brain Injuries

A recent lawsuit blames an 85-year-old man for a car accident that left a 20-year-old woman with a traumatic brain injury. Chloe Demers says that she was using the crosswalk to cross a street in British Columbia when Merle Michels ran a red light and hit her with a Pontiac. She says that she suffers… read more