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Study Shows Fatigue Causes 20 Percent of Car Accidents

A recent study conducted by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute shows that 20 percent of car accidents are due to fatigue. This number is far greater than the previously believed 2 or 3 percent, estimated from past surveys and simulated studies. Another statistic revealed from the study indicated that young people, between the ages 18… read more

Tennessee Fatal Motorcycle Accident Caused By Driver’s Failure to Yield

A woman in Nashville, Tennessee died on April 21 after battling injuries she sustained following a motorcycle accident that occurred on April 8. 55-year-old Jennifer Mosey was on Dickerson Pike when a Cadillac Escalade pulled out in front of her, causing her to lose control of her motorcycle and crash. After police and medical personnel… read more

The Fight to End Distracted Driving Receiving a Boost This Month

During your morning commute, you may have noticed an increase in anti-cellphone usage ads posted along the highway this month. That is because April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Every year, thousands of people are killed or are seriously injured due to cell phone usage while driving. That is why the US Department of Transportation… read more

One Injured and Another Man Killed in Two-Motorcycle Accident

Riding your motorcycle by yourself is a freeing experience; nothing but you, the wind on your face and the open road. It is just as enjoyable when you are able to share that experience with a friend. Riding with a friend by your side is more of a bonding experience than it is just a… read more

Colorado Jury Awards Young Man and His Family $11.5 Million in Lawsuit Against Riddell

We put our trust in objects like bike helmets to help reduce our chances of sustaining  a brain injury if anything unfortunate were to happen during our ride. Football players place similar trust in their pads and helmets to reduce their chances of concussions during games and practices. Unfortunately for Colorado teenager Rhett Ridolfi, his Riddell… read more

Safety Ratings for Colorado Roads Released to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

With the approaching spring and sunny weather, Colorado is soon to become an ideal place for those scenic motorcycle cruises bikers live to ride. It is because of this season that motorcyclists should take every care and precaution when going out for a ride. To help riders prepare for a safe and enjoyable trip the… read more

Denver Cab Driver Killed and Five Others Critically Injured In Two-Car Accident

The Denver Post recently reported  that a fatal two-car accident involving a cab on April 15 killed the 29-year-old cab driver and critically injured the 62-year-old passenger. The two males and two females in the second vehicle, all in their 20s, were transported to the hospital with serious injuries. Denver police said there is an ongoing… read more

South Carolina Man Succumbs To Motorcycle Accident Injuries

A 79-year-old South Carolina man died on April 5 due to traumatic brain injuries he sustained in a motorcycle accident on March 17. The man was in a stable condition but was overtaken by hemorrhaging in his brain that the doctors could not control. The hemorrhaging was ultimately caused by the injuries the man sustained… read more

Driver Under the Influence Sentenced to 16 Years for 2012 Fatal Motorcycle Accident

A woman who admitted to drinking alcohol and doing drugs shortly before causing a fatal motorcycle accident last year has been ordered to serve two consecutive, eight-year prison sentences for the victims who were killed. The Durango Herald reported that Stacie Pierce-Green told police at the scene of the crash that she had just consumed… read more

Parents of a University of Northern Colorado Student Killed While Texting Releases His Final Text Message

Just outside of Greeley on April 3, Alexander Heit made a dangerous and ultimately fatal decision while driving. The 22-year-old picked up his cellphone and began typing out a reply to a text message he had just received from a friend. The University of North Colorado student began drifting into oncoming traffic while typing out… read more