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Woman Killed in Three-Vehicle Accident on I-80

[map id=”map1″ w=”375″ h=”375″ address=”Interstate 80, Cheyenne, WY” marker=”no” z=”14″] Stephanie Gustafson of Carpenter, Wyoming was killed in a three-vehicle accident on the eastern edge of Cheyenne, according to K2TV in Casper. The accident, which happened just before 11 a.m., closed I-80 in both directions for about four hours. A tractor-trailer driven by James Black… read more

Motorcycle Racer Killed In 285 MPH Crash

A Florida motorcycle racer attempting to top 300 mph lost control and died in a fatal motorcycle accident at an annual speed trial event in Maine, according to CBS News. The motorcyclist, Bill Warner, 44, of Wimauma, Florida, was clocked at 285 mph before he lost control. Warner was participating in The Maine Event, an… read more

Our Laramie Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

[map id=”map1″ w=”375″ h=”375″ address=”Laramie, WY” marker=”no” z=”14″] Laramie, Wyoming was established along the Union Pacific Railroad line in the mid-1800s. It is located in southeastern Wyoming in Albany County, on the Laramie River, west of Cheyenne, at the intersection of I-80 and US 287. Laramie had a population of 30,816, including 13,394 households and… read more

Involved In A Motorcycle Accident In Denver?

[map id=”map1″ w=”375″ h=”375″ address=”Denver, CO” marker=”no” z=”14″] Founded in 1858 as a mining town during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush, Denver is the capital of and largest city in Colorado. Denver was also the 24th largest city in the U.S. with a population of 600,158 as of the 2010 census. It is located east… read more

Casper Man Buys Motorcycle, Dies After Three-Mile Ride

[map id=”map1″ w=”375″ h=”375″ address=”Casper, WY” marker=”no” z=”14″] A Casper, Wyoming man, going against his wife’s objections, buys a motorcycle, only to die three miles into his first ride, according to Gawker. For almost 40 years, 59-year-old, Barry Strang had tried to convince his wife Pam to let him buy a motorcycle. However, believing motorcycles… read more

Denver Broncos Executives Suspended After DUI Arrests

[map id=”map1″ w=”375″ h=”375″ address=”Denver, CO” marker=”no” z=”14″] Three members of the Denver Broncos organization have been arrested for drunken driving within a seven-week span, including two team executives, according to The Denver Post. On July 6, director of player personnel, Matt Russell, became the third member of the Broncos to be charged with a… read more

Motorist Not Charged In Boulder Accident That Injures Bicyclist

[map id=”map1″ w=”375″ h=”375″ address=”Boulder, CO” marker=”no” z=”14″] A motorist suspected of road rage will not be charged in an accident that injured a Boulder cyclist because of lack of evidence, according to The Denver Post. Richie Cunningham, a professional triathlete, and three other professional triathletes were riding together when Shepherd Wolfe passed them in… read more

Motorcycle Crash Kills Colorado Springs Man

[map id=”map1″ w=”375″ h=”375″ address=”Colorado Springs, CO” marker=”no” z=”14″] On the Fourth of July, a 44-year-old Colorado Springs man died in a motorcycle accident, according to Fox 21 News in Colorado Springs. Colorado State Patrol (CSP) reported that Stanley Cooper was riding a 2000 Harley Davidson motorcycle westbound on Londonberry one mile past Meridian Road… read more

Involved In A Greeley Injury Accident?

[map id=”map1″ w=”375″ h=”375″ address=”Greeley, CO” marker=”no” z=”14″] History attributes the famous phrase “Go West, young man” to Horace Greeley, the former editor of the New York Tribune, from whom the town of Greeley, Colorado derives its name. Nathan C. Meeker, a New York City newspaper reporter, who counted Horace Greeley as his editor, founded… read more

Our Gillette Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Can Help

[map id=”map1″ w=”375″ h=”375″ address=”Gillette, WY” marker=”no” z=”14″] Gillette, Wyoming was established on January 6, 1892. The town gets its name from Edward Gillette, a surveyor for the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad. Gillette is located in the Powder River Basin between the Big Horn Mountains and the Black Hills. From 2000 to 2010, Gillette… read more