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Off-Duty Police Officer Killed By Negligent Driver In Motorcycle Accident

Recent motorcycle fatalities in Western New York highlight common contributing factors to accidents. Thirteen riders, ages 18 to 70, have died in the past three months. Two of the thirteen were the result of negligent drivers changing lanes blindly or initiating illegal U-turns. According to a representative of the State Police Motorcycle Unit, “When motor… read more

Two Las Vegas Motorcycle Accidents in One Night

On the night of November 11, two separate motorcycle fatalities transpired in Las Vegas. The pair of accidents marks the Las Vegas Police Department’s 90th traffic induced death of the year. The first occurred around 10:30 p.m., as a westbound 2004 Honda CBR approached Linn Lane on Charleston Boulevard. At the same moment, a 2006… read more

Bicycle Accidents On the Rise in Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins, a bike friendly college town in Colorado, has experienced a remarkable increase in the number of bicycle accidents in recent years. Indeed, the rate of bicycle to car crashes has increased 30 percent over the past decade according to The Colorodoan. A municipal report recently released shows the fault leaning on the side… read more

Police Chief Dies in Fatal Motorcycle Accident

The Aurora Police Chief, a 50-year-old native of Phoenix, Arizona, was an involved member of his east Nebraska community. He had been Chief of Police for seven years after previous experience in the Grand Island Police Department and the military police force. While heading east on I-80 near Seward, he encountered heavy traffic piling up… read more

One Killed, One Arrested After Denver Head-On Car Accident

A November 9 head-on car accident in Denver led to one death and one arrest, according to The Denver Post. “The collision happened at about 5 a.m.,” Raquel Lopez, spokesperson for the Denver Police Department, told The Post. The fatal car accident took place at the intersection of Federal Boulevard and Virginia Avenue. It resulted in… read more

Fighter Jet GPS Technology Coming Soon for Motorcyclists

LiveMap has developed a helmet-mounted optical display GPS controlled by a voice-command system like iPhone’s Siri, according to Cycle World. MSN’s Connected Life reports the inspiration for the system, at least partially, was the helmet used by the comic book and film character Iron Man. Until recently, this type of technology only existed for military… read more

Policeman Arrested in Connection with Colorado Springs DUI

After being suspected of DUI on November 10, a Colorado Springs police officer has been arrested for allegedly stealing a blood sample taken from him. According to The Denver Post, Officer David Rosenoff had a car accident in his personal vehicle. The accident happened at around 1 p.m. at the intersection of Interstate 25 and Woodmen… read more