How To Negotiate Dangerous Turns

Very often, motorcyclists swerve off the road while negotiating turns with a variable radius. Essentially, there are different turning maneuvers required for different shapes of road. The radius on a simple, right angle turn is constant, so the motorcyclist can approach the curve from the left area of their lane, slope to the right while … Continue reading

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Is My Triumph Motorcycle Safe To Ride?

Safety conscious motorcyclists know that it is always a good idea to regularly check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) listings for product recalls. Whenever a defect is noticed in a certain model of motorcycle, the NHTSA informs the motorcycle manufacturer who must then reach out to owners of the defective model and provide … Continue reading

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Why Are Traumatic Brain Injuries So Expensive?

When someone suffers a traumatic brain injury (TBI), in most cases, the effects are permanent. TBI’s often result in the long term damage of brain regions responsible for motion, emotional processing and analytic thinking. As such, TBI’s are linked to Parkinson’s disease, depression, bipolar disorder and cognitive degeneration. Care for TBI victims is incredibly expensive … Continue reading

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