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Colorado Cadets Design Therapy Device For Brain Injury Victims

A group of Air Force Academy cadets in Colorado Springs recently took first prize in a business competition for their design of a physical therapy device with applications for victims of traumatic brain injuries. Their device is called NeuMimic, and uses a Microsoft Kinect system, which has a sensor capable of recognizing the body shape… read more

Our Attorneys Discuss How Visibility Limitations Cause Motorcycle Accidents

The Joplin Police Department recently appeared on Channel 12 News to discuss the importance of motorcycle safety. According to Channel 12, police were responding to the 2 percent increase in motorcycle fatalities nationwide. Importantly, Joplin police highlight the fact that road safety is not the sole responsibility of the motorcyclist; motorists need to be aware… read more

Is My BMW Safe To Ride?

If you ride a BMW motorcycle, you should check the recent recall released by the United Sates Department of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Those who ride a C600 Sport, C650GT, F700GS, F800GS, F800GS Adventure, F800GT, R1200R or a R1200GS may be at risk for serious mid-ride engine trouble. The recall only applies to… read more

What Are Non-Economic Damages?

Traumatic brain injuries change the victim in the long-term. Depending on which regions of the brain are damaged, the victim may process emotions very differently after the accident. Families often say that traumatic brain injury victims are sometimes completely different people, which can strain a marriage or parent-child relation. When building a traumatic brain injury… read more

What Are The Unseen Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

Some motorcycle accidents are simpler than others, in that their causes (inclement weather, negligent motorists or defective parts) are sometimes more obvious to investigators. However, motorcycle accidents can also be the result of less measurable factors, such as experience and attentiveness. Experienced motorcyclists must be able to effectively read the road and remain vigilant of… read more

Who Qualifies for Free Brain Injury Treatment?

A new piece of legislation, Senate Bill 1604, the Veterans Recovery Plan Act, will provide free hyperbaric oxygen treatment for veterans who suffered traumatic brain injuries. Given that many traumatic brain injury symptoms are unseen, it can be difficult to diagnose, determine severity and treat the condition. “Many Oklahoma veterans are struggling with symptoms of… read more

Federal Grants For Motorcycle Safety

The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) offers grants to cities with abnormally high motorcycle accident rates. The funds are usually used to host motorcycle safety courses, instructing beginner riders in fundamental maneuvers for avoiding objects and turning safely. Tulsa, Oklahoma has received NHTSA funding since 2013 for motorcycle safety courses. “We had… read more

New Legislation To Track Traumatic Brain Injuries

New Jersey Representative Bill Pascrell has put forth a new bill that will hopefully promote traumatic brain injury research by creating a national record keeping system. The bill, the National Traumatic Brain Injury Research and Treatment Improvement Act of 2014, will require the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to direct the development of… read more

Supreme Court Ruling Threatens Bike Path Legitimacy

Many of our nation’s nature trails and bicycle pathways were carved out of abandoned land allotted to railroad companies as a part of the federal Rails to Trails program. Since 1983, over 1,400 hiking and bicycle trails have been created through the program. According to, a Wyoming resident sued the federal government over their… read more

Do Sport Bikes Require Special Training?

Not all motorcycles are created equally. There is a world of difference between a comfortable long distance cruiser and a high speed super sport bike. As such, it is important that motorcycle safety courses accommodate the different riding styles associated with different classes of motorcycle. Officials at the Fort Belvoir Safety Office in Virginia have… read more