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Can Municipal Workers Be Held Accountable For Motorcycle Accidents?

Municipal employees, such as policemen and firemen, are not exempt from negligent behavior. However, when a municipal employee’s carelessness results in a serious accident, it is no simple matter to hold the government employer accountable. If you have been injured by a government employee, it is best to have an experienced attorney to guide you… read more

Why Do Legislators Oppose Motorcycle Safety?

A recent exchange of correspondence between a safety-concerned citizen and a Suffolk County legislator highlights the hypocrisy and stubbornness of the anti-motorcycling community. The concerned citizen wrote to the legislator after his mother was injured on the road by a negligent motorist. He simply asked the legislator to consider the addition of safety signs around… read more

Can Food Be Recalled?

Most product liability cases involve defective components in automobiles, dangerous toys, hazardous appliances and defective pharmaceuticals. However, the food industry can also produce faulty products that can harm consumers. Businesses at all different levels of production and distribution can be liable for failing to follow standardized timing and temperature procedures, resulting in spoiled or poisonous… read more

Do Football Helmets Protect Against Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Contact sports often involve many small concussions and brain injuries, which, over time, can develop into post-concussion syndrome. Brain injuries produce long-lasting effects that leave the victim with impaired memory, attention deficits, emotional management issues and personality changes. According to CBS Local Philadelphia, a group of Florida-based neurologists recently conducted a study of the different… read more