Green Beret Motorcycle Ride Honors Wounded Vets

When service members return from deployment overseas, they can grow restless upon leaving behind the discipline and constant excitement of combat zones. For that reason, veterans seeking thrills and excitement gravitate towards motorcycles. Riding is big in the military. In the Navy and Marine Corps, 10 percent of soldiers ride motorcycles, and 16 percent of … Continue reading

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Could This Brain Implant Help Combat Memory Loss?

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can affect a person’s memory. TBI victims often have trouble remembering the events leading up to their injury, and their ability to form new memories can be compromised. Experts describe memory as the process by which neurons in the brain encode, store and retrieve information. Memory loss occurs when an injury … Continue reading

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Is Speeding Considered “Reckless Driving”?

Pedestrians walking along busy streets are the slowest and least protected bodies on the road. Speeding may seem like a relatively victimless crime, but faster speeds lead to more serious accidents. In a pedestrian collision, the driver’s speed could mean the difference between life and death. At 20 mph, pedestrians have a 95 percent chance … Continue reading

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