Monthly Archives: October 2014

Mother and Infant Injured in Six-Car Pileup

On October 18, a reckless driver caused a six-car pileup on I-25, injuring one adult and one child in the process. According to reports, a white pickup truck was traveling southbound on I-25 near Mountain Vista early that afternoon. Witnesses say the driver failed to notice that he was approaching a construction zone, so he… read more

Is This Inflatable Vest the Next Step in Motorcycle Safety?

An Italian motorcycle clothing company called Spidi is selling a vest with an inflatable safety feature that protects your neck in case of an accident. Spidi’s Neck DPS Tex Vest comes with inflatable cushions around the neck and shoulders. The airbags attach to the riders bike using a tether and uses a CO2 canister to… read more

Victims Sue Pot Vendor After THC Overdose

Six people have filed a class-action lawsuit against LivWell, a Denver marijuana dispensary, claiming that they overdosed on marijuana-laced candy at the Denver County Fair. The plaintiff became ill after sampling treats from a “Pot Pavilion” at the Denver County Fair, which included vendors selling marijuana-themed merchandise. LivWell was offering candy bar samples along with… read more

Can Chronic Pain Damage the Brain?

We all know that brain damage can have significant effects on our bodies and our lives.  But scientists are now learning more about “neuroplasticity,” and the ways in which our body chemistry can physically alter our brains after an injury. The brain is made up of billions of neural cells, and each cell has many arms called… read more

Careless Driver Turns Left in Front of Motorcyclist

On October 13, a driver hit and killed a motorcyclist in Colorado Springs. The following Friday, officers announced they were charging him with several traffic crimes. The victim was riding his bike near the intersection of Colorado Avenue and Tevon Street on the night of the fatal accident. The driver was traveling eastbound on Colorado… read more

Does the Body’s Immune System Make Brain Injuries Worse?

After a traumatic brain injury, secondary swelling can put pressure on the brain. The swelling could also damage the blood-brain barrier, which protects the brain from infection and foreign contaminants. Weaknesses in the barrier may leave the brain exposed and vulnerable. Researchers conducting a recent study believed that damage to the barrier allowed the body’s… read more

Motorcyclist Dies In Colorado Springs Collision

A motorcyclist was killed in Colorado Springs after he collided with a van at an intersection. On October 13, the van was traveling eastbound on Colorado Avenue around 7:30 p.m. The motorcyclist was traveling westbound when both parties arrived at the intersection. The driver tried to turn left onto northbound Tejon Street, but he failed… read more