Defective Parts – Are They a Threat to My Safety?

Harley-Davidson has recently recalled all of its 2014 Touring motorcycles over a problem with the clutch that could potentially cause crashes. Harley-Davidson claimed that the hydraulic clutch may not disengage correctly, which could then cause the bike to tip itself over. Nineteen motorcycle accidents were connected to the issue, although there were no serious injuries … Continue reading

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Can Poorly Made Tires Cause Car Accidents?

Winter can be a dangerous time of year for drivers across the country, but the snowy and sleet covered roads in Colorado can be fatal. Consumer Reports, a well-known non-profit and consumer watchdog, have reported that many Colorado consumers may be buying imported knock-off tires that perform very poorly on snow and on ice. An … Continue reading

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Will New Motorcycle Technology Save Lives?

BMW has created some futuristic concepts to help keep motorcyclists safe. The Advanced Safety Concept motorcycle design uses next generation technologies to help riding enthusiasts avoid a worst-case scenario. Communication systems integrated into the bike can detect emergencies and use GPS to locate riders that have come off their bikes. Having a way to find … Continue reading

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