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Will Smarter Cars Mean Fewer Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcycle accidents occur frequently, because other drivers are not paying careful enough attention to what is happening around them. Failure to see someone on a motorcycle is a top contributor to accidents, but accidents of this nature may soon cease to exist. New technology will make cars smarter and more aware of surroundings, and that… read more

How Does the Mine Safety and Health Administration Investigate Workplace Accidents?

An investigation into a workplace accident earlier this year has concluded that a Wyoming coal mining company failed to maintain safe equipment standards. Earlier this summer, a 25-year-old contractor was crushed to death by the upper frame of a large crane. Mine Safety and Health Administration officials determined that an oil leak allowed hydraulic pressure… read more

Why Are Electric Motorcycles Appealing?

Electric motorcycles are due to arrive on American streets, and they will give riding a cleaner and sleeker appeal. Last year, an electric motorcycle entered and easily won a contest called the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, arriving at the finish line within 10 minutes. Pikes Peak is no easy course to get through, hosting… read more

Are Truck Accidents Frequent During the Winter?

Last week, several weather-related crashes near Denver shut down traffic. One of the accidents involved a Colorado State Patrol trooper, who was injured when a semi-truck hit his vehicle. Another case of bad weather and skidding semi-trucks happened on November 14, when a semi skidded off the left side of the road before slamming into… read more

Will Staying Visible on a Motorcycle Reduce My Chances of Having a Motorcycle Accident?

Staying visible on a motorcycle can make an enormous difference when riding out among cars and trucks on the open road. Motorcycle accidents sometimes happen because cars or trucks make a mistake and are unable to see motorcycle riders near their vehicle. Avoiding motorcycle accidents entirely may be an impossible task given the number of… read more

Defective Parts – Are They a Threat to My Safety?

Harley-Davidson has recently recalled all of its 2014 Touring motorcycles over a problem with the clutch that could potentially cause crashes. Harley-Davidson claimed that the hydraulic clutch may not disengage correctly, which could then cause the bike to tip itself over. Nineteen motorcycle accidents were connected to the issue, although there were no serious injuries… read more

Can Poorly Made Tires Cause Car Accidents?

Winter can be a dangerous time of year for drivers across the country, but the snowy and sleet covered roads in Colorado can be fatal. Consumer Reports, a well-known non-profit and consumer watchdog, have reported that many Colorado consumers may be buying imported knock-off tires that perform very poorly on snow and on ice. An… read more

Are Careless Drivers Putting Motorcyclists at Risk for Disaster?

Drunk drivers kill thousands of motorists in the U.S. every year, but the risk is even higher for motorcycle enthusiasts who have very little protection against accidents. Last week, a Denver judge sentenced a drunk driver to twelve years in prison for his role in an accident earlier this year that killed a U.S. Air… read more