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How Will Research Help Reduce Motorcycle Accidents?

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) are attempting to identify what habits lead to safe riding, motorcycle accidents and near-crashes. To collect the data, MSF and VTTI researchers are using 363,000 miles of riding and a highly diverse sample of people. For example, the sample of motorcyclists used will… read more

Are Oil and Gas Companies Doing Enough to Keep Workers Safe?

We have previously written about Wyoming having a high frequency of fatal work accidents, and recently another tragedy has occurred, leading to the death of an oilrig worker. According to witness reports, the worker died while servicing a rig in Johnson County. The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services is saying that the fatal accident happened… read more

Can Anti-Collision Devices on Motorcycles Prevent Accidents?

Motorcycle accidents have the potential to cause severe catastrophic injuries, making it imperative that motorcyclists have new and innovative ways to stay safe. Technology that helps motorcyclists stay visible to other motorists on the road will go a long way in preventing motorcycle accidents. Lightning Strike, a unique lighting system that can be attached to… read more

Does Colorado Have Effective Laws to Prevent Drunk Driving Accidents?

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) recently released a report rating all 50 states on drunk driving prevention. MADD reviewed legislation and action around ignition interlocks, sobriety checkpoints, child endangerment, license revocation and no-refusal events. With the MADD grading system, each state receives anywhere from one to five stars based on the laws they have in… read more

Can Smartphone Apps Help Me After a Motorcycle Accident?

Smartphone apps will now help users coordinate their affairs in the immediate aftermath of a motorcycle accident. The Motorcycle Accident App, which can be downloaded via iTunes, will help a user record all relevant information at the scene of a motorcycle accident. Utilities included by the app contain a camera, voice recorder, touch-screen text notepad… read more

Where Are Motorcycle Accidents Most Likely to Take Place?

Motorcycle accidents occur most frequently at intersections or other areas where it might be difficult for drivers to pay attention. Intersections present a problem for motorcyclists, because there may be other objects that will obstruct the view of drivers, such as plants and buildings. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 51 percent of… read more

Are Concussions a Serious Type of Traumatic Brain Injury?

Concussions, also known as mild traumatic brain injuries, have the potential to become severe traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) if people are unable to recognize the symptoms and seek medical attention. A physician at the Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital is urging individuals to learn to recognize the symptoms of a concussion so further damage to the… read more

Can New Ideas for Motorcycle Attire Protect Riders?

Motorcyclists have always been in great amounts of danger during an accident, because they lack the protection other vehicles have, but new technologies have given riders a fighting chance. Airbag vests have been developed to offer more protection for riders in the event of a motorcycle accident, inflating when a rider is ejected from the… read more

Does Wyoming Have a Work Safety Problem?

Several weeks ago, we posted about a new law that was being proposed in the Wyoming House of Representatives that will add a $50,000 fine for businesses that have a worker die from unsafe working conditions. As it turns out, Wyoming has a work accident problem, ranking among one of the most dangerous states to… read more