Monthly Archives: April 2015

Hill Air Force Base Hosts Motorcycle Rally to Raise Motorcycle Accident Awareness among Drivers

During the winter months, motorcycles all but disappear from the roads. But as the weather grows warmer, more and more riders dust off their motorcycles and hit the streets. Unfortunately, drivers do not always adapt to the need to watch out for motorcyclists, and frequent accidents are caused when drivers simply do not see or… read more

Distracted Driving Leads to Fatal Denver Truck Accident

A fatal distracted driving accident involving a semi-truck serves as an important reminder for other motorists to stay focused while driving. A Denver man has lost his life from a preventable auto accident. According to police, the truck driver failed to spot traffic congestion because he was reaching for a bag of Cheetos. Seconds later,… read more

Drunk Driver Arrested for Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Drunk drivers are a threat to all motorists, but especially motorcyclists. For our post today, we want to ensure that our readers have knowledge that will help them spot drivers impaired by alcohol. A motorcycle accident in Denver last week served as a reminder that motorcyclists must always be wary of reckless drivers. According to… read more

How Can Parents Protect Children From Dangerous Products?

Every year, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalls dangerous consumer products. Unfortunately, many product recalls are for toys marketed at children. According to a report by financial news company Bloomberg, Dollar Tree is a major source of unsafe products. Dollar Tree is an American chain of retail stores. Federal regulators discovered the store… read more

Can Dogs Help People Recover From Spinal Cord Injuries?

Accident survivors with spinal cord injuries will face many different methods of rehabilitation to heal both physical and psychological trauma. One way that therapists can help patients is by providing the use of therapy and service dogs. Dogs can help accident survivors adapt to injuries psychologically and physically. What Benefits can Therapy and Service Dogs… read more

Virtual Reality Program Shows Real Dangers of Texting and Driving

Distracted driving is an increasingly common cause of fatal auto accidents among young people. Some Wyoming high school students were given the chance to witness the dangers of distracted driving without being put in harm’s way. Cheyenne South High School students were invited to participate in AT&T’s “It Can Wait” program. The program allowed students… read more

Robotic Suit Helps Motorcycle Accident Victim Walk Again

In the last several weeks, we have written about stories involving the use of technology to help individuals with spinal cord injuries overcome limitations. Fortunately, many advances in both technology and medicine could allow accident survivors with paralysis to walk again. After surviving a motorcycle accident in Chicago, an Army veteran was allowed to walk… read more