Monthly Archives: May 2015

Free Motorcycle Safety Courses for Military Members and Veterans

Harley-Davidson is offering free motorcycle safety courses to all current and former members of the military. The announcement from the motorcycle manufacturer came from aboard the USS Yorktown, an aircraft carrier. A U.S. Paralympian and Alpine skier injured in Iraq gave the announcement. The Paralympian was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade in 2003, and had… read more

Brain Injury Turns Colorado Woman Into a Genius

Brain injuries can vary in severity and affect people in different ways, such as the woman who became an artistic and mathematical savant after an accident. Before her accident, the 47-year-old woman was helping manage a ranch in Maybell, Colorado. While feeding chickens one day, she fell down into a ravine and suffered a traumatic… read more

How Can Collision-Warning Systems Prevent Truck Accidents?

Last week, we wrote about the future of automobile safety and discussed the possibility of using self-driving trucks to avoid truck accidents. However, there are other ideas on the drawing board that are likely to be instituted much sooner. Safety advocates that have lost loves ones in truck accidents have called on Congress to require… read more

Airbag Jacket Promises to Lessen Impact of Motorcycle Accidents

Two auto manufacturers are launching a product that will turn motorcycle jackets into stylish looking airbags. According to the developer, the product is a step away from traditional motorcycle airbag jackets. The new system works without the need for sensors to be attached to the motorcycle. Instead of a tricky installation, all the rider has… read more

U.S. Army Participates in Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

The United States Army has joined a list of other military branches that are taking part in Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. The event, sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has lasted throughout the month of May. Army leaders have launched their own media campaign to spread the word of “Share the Road”, the… read more

Wyoming Truck Accidents Show the Dangers of Speeding

Wyoming law enforcement has warned the public to be cautious around a stretch of Interstate 80 where over 400 auto accidents have occurred throughout the last decade. According to the Wyoming Highway Patrol, 77 people this year have been injured in accidents on a small stretch of I-80 west of Cheyenne. Two months ago, 60… read more

What Will Future Motorcycles Be Like?

With self-driving cars and trucks taking to the road, some of our readers might also wonder about what motorcycles of the near future will look like. Concepts detailing the future of motorcycles are on the drawing board, and include some ideas that many motorcyclists have never encountered. One of the strangest concepts we came seen… read more

Motorcycle Safety Courses Offered Throughout Colorado

The Colorado Department of Transportation is taking part in Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month by launching its own initiative called Ride Wise. As part of a campaign to target older riders with a lot of experience on motorcycles but little safety training, Ride Wise will offer motorcycle safety training courses across the state. Courses will cover… read more

Adaptive Sports Clinic in Colorado to Help Injured Veterans

Surviving an accident can leave individuals and families with questions about independence. Will my family member or I ever be able to enjoy being active again? While injuries vary in severity and a definitive answer cannot be given for such a question, some organizations have developed activities that people with catastrophic injuries can enjoy. In… read more