Monthly Archives: June 2015

Researchers Attempt To Find Link Between Brain Injuries And Epilepsy

Researchers at Newcastle University are looking to find a relationship between brain injuries and epilepsy. Epilepsy is a central nervous system disorder that can cause seizures, and researchers believe that brain injuries from strokes and head traumas might lead some individuals to develop the condition. Scientists affiliated with the study are hoping to find ways… read more

What Can We Learn From Tracy Morgan About Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Tracy Morgan, the famous comedian involved in a truck accident last summer, recently gave an interview to NBC’s Matt Lauer about recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Morgan has made few appearances in the last year, instead focusing on his recovery. Last June, Morgan and comedian James McNair were leaving a parking lot when a… read more

Will Installing Driver Cameras Help Prevent Truck Accidents?

One of the largest commercial carriers in the country has recently begun equipping trucks with cameras capable of monitoring drivers. Swift Transportation is one of several commercial carriers to install driver cameras in an attempt to thwart truck accidents. It is believed that by installing driver-facing cameras, truck drivers will be less likely to engage… read more

Are Electric Motorcycles The Way Of The Future?

New data released by a Colorado company predicts global sales of electric motorcycles and scooters will climb above 55 million units over the next decade. Batteries used in electric motorcycles have become much cheaper, reducing the cost of purchasing one significantly. Further technological developments in battery technology may bring prices down and allow the motorcycles… read more

Lane Splitting Found To Lessen Severity Of Traffic Jams

California could soon become the first state to legalize lane splitting, the practice of motorcyclists traveling between cars. Presently, California has not made lane splitting legal or illegal. California’s legislation would allow lane splitting if traffic is not moving faster than 50 mph. Every other state in the country currently has a ban on lane… read more

Mysterious Blimp Above I-25 To Help CDOT Monitor Traffic

Denver residents might have noticed a curious looking blimp hovering above I-25 and 70th Avenue. The massive 1,600-cubic-foot blimp is part of a three-day evaluation by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to monitor traffic and to assist with auto accidents. By using cameras and hovering 400 feet above traffic, the unmanned blimp can help… read more

William Shatner Motorcycle Ride To Benefit Veterans

William Shatner will take to the road on his three-wheeled motorcycle to spread awareness for veterans. Members of American Legion will join the famous former star of the television series Star Trek. American Legion is a national non-profit that offers help to veterans. In addition to being escorted by a team of veterans, Shatner will… read more

Colorado Officials Warn Next Three Months Are “100 Deadliest Days For Teen Drivers”

Colorado law enforcement officials have warned parents that the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day are the “100 deadliest days for teen drivers”. According to Colorado State Patrol, during the same 100 days in 2012, there were 500 fatal car accidents involving teenage drivers across the country. Research from the American Automobile Association (AAA)… read more