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Casper City Council Wants To Muffle Motorcycles

Complaints of loud motorcycles have prompted the Casper City Council to propose a new ordinance that would limit vehicle noise within city limits. Casper City Council met two weeks ago to discuss the new ordinance, mentioning a desire to limit exhaust fumes and noise. An article in the Casper Journal described the new ordinance, specifically… read more

Fort Collins To Install Protected Bike Lane

The City of Fort Collins Traffic Operations (CFCTO) has launched several road construction projects in an attempt to improve traffic and pedestrian safety. As a public research organization, the CFCTO is tasked with studying and improving traffic infrastructure. According to The Collegian, a paper produced by Colorado State University, the projects are aimed at developing… read more

How Can Smart Phones Improve Motorcycle Safety?

Smart phones are starting to play a greater role in improving motorcycle safety. New smart phone apps can allow riders to instantly diagnose mechanical issues, call for emergency services, and help locate missing motorcyclists. A major manufacturer of electric motorcycles recently designed an app that can communicate with its bikes to diagnose problems. Riders can… read more

Why Do Some Children Recover Faster From Brain Injuries?

Researchers affiliated with the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) have discovered why some children recover faster than others from traumatic brain injuries. According to the researchers, myelin, the protective fatty tissue that surrounds the brain, has some significance in determining the likelihood for recovery in children. Researchers assigned cognitive tasks to 32 children aged… read more

Realities Ride 2012

Realities Ride 2012 Free Attorney Advice for Motorcycle Accident Victims Injury attorney Tom Meiter and the injury lawyers of the Metier Law Firm regularly participate in the annual Realities Ride and Rally. This event aims to raise funds for children at risk while also paying tribute to our military veterans. As part of the Law… read more

Supporting Disadvantaged Veterans 2014

Riders Rally for Veteran’s Benefits Law Tigers, a group of injury lawyer motorcycle enthusiasts, joined with motorcycle dealerships across town to support homeless veterans. Colorado’s motorcycle community is tight-knit and devoted to helping others, including those who fought for our country and struggle to survive today. Tom Metier, the firm’s senior managing partner and head… read more

Realities Ride 2013

Realities Ride 2013 Injury Attorneys Support Realities for Children Charities Tom Metier and the injury lawyers of Metier Law Firm are honored to be a part of Law Tigers, an organization who recently acted as a corporate sponsor for the 2013 Realities Ride and Rally fundraiser. This year, the Realities Ride and Rally motorcycle event… read more

Emily’s Parade 2012

Emily’s Parade 2012 Injury Lawyers in Colorado and Nationwide As avid motorcycle riders ourselves, Tom Metier and the injury attorneys at Metier Law Firm never pass up an opportunity to take part in a scenic ride especially when it means we also get to raise money for a great cause. Emily’s Parade is in annual… read more

Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado

Brain Injury Lawyer Tom Metier Supports the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado The Metier Law Firm is dedicated to helping individuals dealing with the devastating effects of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) through their legal practice and charitable activities. This includes our work organizing a fundraising event and donating the proceedings to the Brain Injury Alliance… read more

Brain Injury Attorney Helps Athlete Recover

Brain Injury Attorney Helps Athlete Recover Lawyers Who Handle Traumatic Brain Injury Cases Our client, Julia Purrington, sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) when a car struck her bike while she was training for the Triathlon World Championships. She, like many traumatic brain injury victims, has a long road to recovery ahead of her because… read more