New Test Can Detect Concussions In 15 Minutes

Researchers with the Georgia Tech University Department of Biomedical Engineering have developed computerized glasses that can detect concussions within 15 minutes. Most current concussion tests rely on lengthy and sometimes unreliable checklists to determine whether athletes have symptoms. The current tests are subjective, and the results are up to the person carrying it out. The … Continue reading

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Fatal Motorcycle Accidents In Mesa County Increase

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The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has issued a warning over an increase in fatal motorcycle accidents in Mesa County. Since the start of 2015, 11 riders have lost their lives in Mesa County. Fatal motorcycle accidents have increased by 18 percent statewide. Law enforcement and transportation officials are hoping to bring this number down. … Continue reading

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Fort Collins Holds Meeting To Stop Bicycle Accident Epidemic

After several fatal bicycle accidents in Fort Collins, cyclists, law enforcement and lawmakers met to discuss ways to prevent future crashes. The town hall meeting discussed education and advocacy for cycling safety, in addition to legal penalties for hitting cyclists. After being advertised on Facebook, news of the meeting spread quickly. The town hall meeting … Continue reading

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