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Honda, BMW and Yamaha Are Creating New Motorcycle Safety Features

Honda, BMW and Yamaha are working together to develop technology that will help motorcycles communicate with each other. Cooperative-Intelligent Transportation Systems allow motorcycles to share information and coordinate together. The signed agreement between the manufacturers, called the Connected Motorcycle Consortium, is laying the foundation for future advancements in smart vehicle technology, such as allowing motorcycles… read more

Surgeons Perform Miracle Surgery on Toddler with Severed Spinal Cord

An Australian toddler was given a second chance at life after doctors performed an incredible surgery to reconnect his spinal cord and head. After a serious car accident, the toddler’s mother pulled him from the wreckage and was horrified to discover his neck had been broken. The toddler had sustained what is known as a… read more

The Three Hidden Dangers of Riding a Motorcycle

Many of us riders know that part of motorcycle safety is to expect worst-case scenarios, such as road debris, potholes and oil slicks. Some scenarios, while seeming unlikely, can cause motorcycle accidents. Not all motorists respect the environment, and some may not see the harm in throwing trash out of their windows while driving 70… read more

Wyoming Emergency Vehicles to Get Updates for Winter Safety

The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) will be receiving high-tech upgrades for its snowplows, trucks and other roadside equipment to help prevent accidents. A grant from the United States Department of Transportation will provide WYDOT with $5 million in funds to develop apps and other wireless communications that can help drivers receive accurate information on… read more

The Tragic Consequences of an Undiagnosed TBI

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can cause a range of behavioral, emotional and cognitive symptoms that can go undetected for years. Recent research has discovered higher rates of TBIs in prisons and mental health facilities, leading some to question if there is a significant relationship. Many states perform mental health screenings in prisons, but do not… read more

National Safety Council to Teach Motorists about Vehicle Safety Features

The National Safety Council (NSC) has launched a new campaign that will teach drivers about safety features in modern vehicles. According to the NSC, which has titled the campaign “My Car Does What?”, many motorists are not aware of modern vehicle safety features. Modern safety features include anti-lock braking systems, blind spot monitors, collision warning… read more

Will Driverless Cars Prevent Motorcycle Accidents?

Automakers are developing cars with sensors capable of avoiding other motorists, pedestrians and obstacles. Many riders might be curious if this will affect our safety on the road. Driverless cars are still many years away, but this could become an important topic of discussion in the near future. Although several automakers are researching and testing… read more

Halloween Safety Tips Parents Need to Know

Halloween should always be a fun holiday filled with free candy, interesting costumes and amazing memories. However, Halloween can come with risks to safety, and parents should be aware of tips for keeping their trick-or-treaters safe. There are numerous stories about razorblades and needles being hidden in Halloween candy, but these are simply urban legends.… read more