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Death of A Business Partner Fuels Man’s Desire to Prevent Distracted Driving Accidents

A Colorado entrepreneur recently spoke to local press outlets about what inspired him to create a device that could help prevent distracted driving accidents. In 2008, the entrepreneur was supposed to meet with a potential business partner, but tragedy changed everything. Instead of showing up for the meeting, the business partner was struck and killed… read more

Defective Toy Found to Explode Without Warning

Some toys sold this Christmas are making national headlines for serious safety flaws that could injure children. Most recently, a popular hoverboard has gained national attention for exploding without warning. The hoverboard, or self-balancing scooter, uses lithium ion batteries as a power source. After a family in Louisiana lost their home to an exploding hoverboard,… read more

Motorcyclists Are Better Drivers Than You

Motorcyclists are better drivers than you. Don’t believe me? Maybe you’ll believe a new study from the British Isles. Motorcyclists Are Better Drivers Than You! Equity Red Star, one of Britain’s top insurers, recently sorted through a mountain of insurance policies—200 million of them—and found out some interesting details about people who ride motorcycles. People… read more

How Colorado Motorists Can Avoid Collisions With Wildlife

Colorado transportation officials have released information showing a 15 percent increase in auto collisions with wildlife. Collisions with wildlife were responsible for 3,960 auto accidents in 2014, an increase of 15 percent since 2013. Of those 3,960 accidents, 287 caused injuries and six were fatal. Fall and winter seasons cause migrations of wild animals, many… read more

Do You Know How To Respond To A Road Rage Incident?

While riding with a friend down Interstate 25, a 69-year-old rider was passed by a swerving car that cut him off and engaged its emergency brake. The motorcyclist slammed into the stopped car and was then accosted by the infuriated driver. When police finally arrived, the car driver was arrested and the 69-year-old motorcyclist was… read more

Exploding E-Cigarettes Are Leaving Victims with Catastrophic Injuries

Lithium-ion batteries used in e-cigarettes have been blamed for several explosions, some of which have catastrophically injured unsuspecting consumers. For one Colorado Springs man, the force from his exploding e-cigarette knocked out several of his teeth, caused a spinal cord injury and burned his face. After the explosion, he was rushed to the hospital where… read more

The Remarkable Recovery of Tracy Morgan

Last summer, actor and famous comedian Tracy Morgan was severely injured after a fatigued Walmart truck driver crashed into his limousine. The accident left Morgan with a traumatic brain injury. After a year of rehabilitation, Morgan has made remarkable progress in his recovery.  In many ways, his recovery is a remarkable example of how it… read more