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Why School Districts Have a Moral and Legal Obligation to Stop Bullying

Two Fort Collins middle school students have lost their lives to suicide after being relentlessly bullied by classmates, and now the entire community is mourning a tragedy that could have been avoided. School districts have both a moral and legal obligation to put a stop to bullying. Students have a right to a safe learning… read more

Can Smart Phone Apps Help Prevent Holiday Drunk Driving?

The Colorado Department of Transportation partially relies on its R-U-Buzzed app to help prevent drunk driving accidents during the holidays. Every year, the app receives attention from the local press during Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. The app works as a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) detector, so would-be drunk drivers know they… read more

Soccer and TBIs: Are Your Kids Safe?

Football has received media attention for causing thousands of concussions, but some people may be unaware other sports carry the same risks to athletes. Soccer also has a high rate of concussions, and young players of the sport might be at risk. For young athletes, soccer can present a higher risk of traumatic brain injuries… read more

How Second Impact Syndrome Can Ruin Lives

Coaches and trainers should continue to take concussions very seriously, as the consequences can have life-changing implications for young athletes. One of the worst consequences that can befall student athletes is second impact syndrome, where two concussions occur within a short period. Second impact syndrome can cause severe and lifelong disability for young athletes. The… read more

There’s Motorcycle Racing in Colorado And Here’s What You Need To Know About It

Every year the Motorcycle Roadracing Association (MRA) brings the smell of gasoline, burnt rubber, and excitement to Colorado, and even though the racing season is over, there’s still a lot going on as the organization prepares for next year. There’s Motorcycle Racing In Colorado! This year’s champion, Ryan Burke, was crowned earlier in the season,… read more

Four Reasons To Love Cycling in Fort Collins

Recently, Colorado State University (CSU) was recognized as one of the friendliest campuses in the country for cycling. However, this award is also a reflection of the entire town of Fort Collins, which is known nationwide as being one of the friendliest and safest places for cyclists. Fort Collins is also implementing the Bicycle Master… read more

Why Are Motorcyclist Deaths So High In Colorado?

Our beautiful state has tons of mountain passes and beautiful winding roads, which attracts motorcyclists from all over the country. The bikers come and fill our roads during the warmer months of the year, and this increase in activity often results in a rise in motorcycle crashes. This year the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)… read more