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A Helpful Guide to Spinal Cord Injury Programs in Colorado

Accident survivors with spinal cord injuries need resources that can help improve their quality of life. Fortunately, Colorado has several rehabilitation programs that can help accident survivors recover from spinal cord injuries. Located in Englewood, Craig Hospital is known nationwide for having first-class spinal cord and brain injury rehabilitation programs. Teams of health care professionals… read more

Military Riders at Fort Bragg Host Motorcycle Safety Event

Riders at Fort Bragg, the military base in North Carolina famous for training U.S. Special Forces, recently hosted a motorcycle safety event. Before riding to Southern Pines, North Carolina, the riders learned the basics of safety checks and attended a briefing. At the briefing, riders learned the importance of motorcycle maintenance, safe riding techniques and… read more

Tire Chains May Become Required to Aid in Preventing Car Accidents

Cold weather and snow have arrived in some parts of Colorado, causing a brief surge in the number of car accidents. Most recently, Interstate 70 was the scene of several car and truck accidents caused by harsh winter weather. Motorists reported seeing commercial vehicles driving without tire chains, some of which had spun out of… read more

Yamaha Robot Learns to Ride Motorcycle

Engineers at Yamaha are involved in a groundbreaking project that will teach robots to become better at riding motorcycles than humans. If the project is successful, Yamaha will design a robot that is more advanced at handling a motorcycle than nine-time MotoGP winner Valentino Rossi. In a video message addressed to Rossi, the robot can… read more

Can Tougher Enforcement Fix Larimer County’s Texting and Driving Problem?

Although some organizations have rated Larimer County “one of the safest places to drive in America”, critics are arguing otherwise. According to a recent article published by the Coloradoan, Larimer County is among the top ten worst places for texting and driving in Colorado. Specifically, Larimer County has the 10th highest rate of texting and… read more

Why CDOT’s Live to Ride Campaign Can Save Your Life

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) created the Live to Ride campaign to help educate both riders and motorists on how to avoid motorcycle accidents. CDOT has launched several public safety ads for riders and motorists that offer tips for avoiding collisions. CDOT recently used a series of popular 80s songs to emphasize that motorists… read more

What are the Most Dangerous Intersections in Denver?

Denver’s notorious intersections are making headlines again, and social media is abuzz with discussion of heavy traffic and car accidents. Intersections can be exceptionally dangerous for motorists, as many drivers change lanes, make dangerous turns or become distracted while passing through. According to Westword, a local press outlet, the most dangerous intersection in Denver is… read more

What Steps Should I Take After a Motorcycle Accident?

The first steps after a motorcycle accident should always be to receive immediate medical attention and to check on other people involved in the collision. However, there are additional factors to consider after surviving a motorcycle accident. Never apologize to other people involved in a collision or admit fault. If it is necessary to seek… read more

Winter Driving Tips: How to Keep your Family Safe

For Colorado and Wyoming residents, we are familiar with the dangers of snow, ice and other hazards that frequently come with winter weather. Fortunately, there are several ways families planning trips can avoid auto accidents with meticulous planning. Windshield wiper fluid is an important asset for motorists making trips during the winter months. According to… read more

Fundraising Effort Launched for Denver Sound Engineer Injured in Motorcycle Accident

A GoFundMe page has been set up for a Denver sound engineer injured in a motorcycle accident who was left with $50,000 in medical bills. Denver residents have already contributed a total of $16,383, and more donations are expected after a concert was hosted to raise more money. The sound engineer’s girlfriend told Denver press… read more