Monthly Archives: January 2016

Will We Ever Get To Ride Harley’s LiveWire?

In 2014, we were shocked when Harley-Davidson announced that its designers had developed an electric motorcycle, and it was a self-proclaimed superbike at that. Looking like an old flat-tracker thrown into a wind-tunnel, this bike has no exhaust, no gearbox, no clutch, and no signature Harley v-twin engine—Sacrilege! However, it is now 2016, and we… read more

Wyoming Lawmakers Push Higher Fines for Unsafe Work Environments

Wyoming lawmakers are sponsoring new legislation that would enforce higher fines on companies where workers are injured by unsafe work environments. Work accidents have gotten out of control in Wyoming, with a 60 percent increase occurring from 2013 to 2014. Although many are putting the blame on high-risk jobs in the oil, construction and agricultural… read more

When My Robot Hits Your Robot: Who is at Fault in a Self-Driving Car Accident?

Major tech and auto companies are currently developing cars that can operate without drivers. Self-driving cars use software, sensors, and computers to navigate roads and avoid obstacles. Can these vehicles get into accidents? Some reports suggest self-driving cars are “too careful” to operate near human drivers. One report from Google shows 13 incidents where self-driving… read more

University of Colorado Bans Hoverboards for Campus Dorms

Hoverboards have been grabbing headlines for causing fires and injuries to consumers. The self-balancing scooters were this year’s hot selling holiday product, but also one of the most dangerous. Hoverboards were being mass produced in China, where relaxed manufacturing regulations are rampant. Not long after the product arrived in America, reports of exploding batteries began… read more

So You Think You Can Ride: This Colorado Teen Is Already A Road Racing Champion

In Firestone, right outside of Denver, a little 4 year-old received a little dirt bike. His parents couldn’t have realized just how much that bike would change their son’s life, or the roads it would take him down. This Colorado Teen Is Already A Road Racing Champion! His name is Sean Thomas, and he won… read more

Shocking Takata Emails Show Data Manipulation for Defective Airbags

Recently unsealed documents from a personal injury case involving defective Takata airbags show emails where employees are joking with each other while manipulating safety data. In one email from 2006, a Takata engineer responsible for airbag tests wrote “Happy Manipulating!!!” to another employee. Emails and memos between workers in America and Japan show a complete… read more

The Frightening Facts On Concussions and Young Athletes

Will Smith’s new movie Concussion has helped strengthen a national debate over brain injuries and football. However, professional athletes have attracted a majority of the focus. Athletes of all ages are at risk for concussions. Depending on several factors, such as age and injury severity, concussions can cause long-lasting effects in children. Some studies have… read more