Monthly Archives: July 2016

Tesla Model S Accident Raises Doubts About Self-Driving Technology

A fatal car accident involving a Tesla Model S has raised questions about the safety of vehicles with automatic driving features. Tesla’s Model S uses Autopilot, a built-in feature that utilizes cameras and sensors to guide vehicles and apply brakes. Why did the Tesla Model S accident happen? According to Tesla, the accident happened because… read more

Is The CBR600RR Dead?

It’s dead, Jim. The Honda CBR600RR is dead… If you live in the European Union that is. Is The CBR600RR Dead? Next year the EU is rolling out its new Euro4 emissions regulations, and many motorcycles of the 600cc variety won’t meet this new standard. That means a whole lot of manufacturers are going to… read more

Defensive Cycling Techniques That May Save Your Life

Summer is considered one of the best seasons to take up cycling, an effective mode of transportation and a healthy hobby. However, there are certain risks cyclists can face from negligent drivers and other hazards. Due to the risks, cyclists should learn defensive cycling techniques. The following defensive cycling techniques might help cyclists prevent accidents.… read more

The Debate On Lane-Splitting Returns

Looks like motorcycle safety is about to become a hotly debated issue in the California State Senate once again. The wheels of progress are turning and lane-splitting is coming up for another crack at legalization, but how much of a chance does lane-splitting have across the nation? The Debate On Lane-Splitting Returns Assembly Bill 51… read more

Why Parents Should Pay Attention to the New IKEA Recall

After six children suffered fatal injuries from tip-over accidents involving IKEA’s MALM dressers, the multibillion dollar furniture company has issued a recall. Three of the deaths, which involved children around 2 years old, occurred within the last several years. Parents should pay close attention to the IKEA recall because of the threat dangerous furniture can… read more