Monthly Archives: September 2016

What You May Not Know About Work Injuries and Lawsuits

One of the worst situations that can befall a worker is being injured in an accident. Do injured workers have options to sue their employers for workplace accidents? Most employers use workers’ compensation, meaning that unless the injuries were caused by an intentional act, workers would not have grounds to file a lawsuit. However, there… read more

Is It a Good Idea For Eugene Laverty To Return To WSBK?

Well, silly season is officially coming to an end early this year. Contracts have been inked, riders are evaluating their new motorcycles, and anticipation for next year’s motorcycle racing championships is starting to build. But this year’s zany silly season has left us with a few questions, and the future of many motorcycle racers could… read more

What Causes Amusement Park Accidents?

Amusement park accidents have gained national media attention over the last several months. In early August, a Kansas City boy died while going down a waterslide. A week later, three children were ejected from a Ferris wheel in Tennessee, one of whom suffered a severe brain injury. Most recently, six children suffered from an electric… read more