Monthly Archives: October 2016

Are Concussion Rules for Young Athletes Being Ignored?

Almost every state has laws in place to protect student athletes from returning to play after receiving concussions. Colorado has the Jake Snakenberg Youth Sports Concussion Act. Without concussion rules in place to keep concussed players off the field, they could be put at risk for suffering secondary complications. A new study conducted by Texas… read more

How Did Harley-Davidson Get Scammed Out of Over $150,000?

Sure, $150,000 might not seem like a lot to Harley-Davidson, but how that money was taken hurts the company’s spirit far more than its pocketbook. An employee broke the company’s trust, and now criminal charges are hanging in the balance. Was Harley-Davidson Scammed Out of Over $150,000? An employee out of Harley’s Milwaukee plant managed… read more

How Many Commercial Drivers Test Positive for Drugs or Alcohol?

Commercial truck drivers have a responsibility to ensure they are capable of operating their multi-ton vehicles. When this obligation to the public is neglected due to substance abuse, other people can suffer catastrophic injuries. Recent cases of drunk or drugged commercial drivers causing truck accidents can serve as examples. In Utah, a commercial trucker failed… read more

Should Injured Oil Field Workers Consider a Third Party Lawsuit?

Oil and gas workers in Colorado frequently operate in dangerous working conditions, but this is through no fault of their own. Employers in this industry are allowing dangerous working conditions, and workers can pay a steep price. In fact, the industry recently caught the attention of press outlets in our state. Some of the published… read more

What Caused a 10 Percent Jump in Traffic Fatalities This Year?

Statistics released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show traffic fatalities in the first six months of 2016 have increased 10.4 percent since last fall. According to NHTSA, a spike in fatal accidents this large has not occurred in 50 years. NHTSA also estimates that 2016 could see more traffic fatalities than 2008,… read more

Can Smartphone Breathalyzers Make People Less Likely to Drive Drunk?

A recent Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) program shows smartphone breathalyzers can prevent people from drunk driving. CDOT gave smartphone breathalyzers to 225 people over the summer, and then asked them to provide feedback on using the devices. By the time the program concluded, 84 percent of the participants claimed using the breathalyzers prevented them… read more