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Are Self-Driving Trucks the Answer to Preventing Drowsy Driving Accidents?

Uber’s self-driving semi-truck recently made a 120-mile journey to its destination in Colorado Springs. Before you get too excited, a person was monitoring the situation from the back of the sleeping birth. If an emergency had occurred, it is possible this person could have intervened. Future semi-trucks may follow this model. Volvo is working on… read more

Has BSA and Jawa Been Revived?

If you watch the Moto3 championship, then you’ve probably heard of Mahindra, but do you know anything about the company? Turns out Mahindra is the largest tractor manufacturer in the world, so why is it being named in a motorcycle racing series? Well, tractors aren’t the only thing Mahindra makes, and soon the company could… read more

What Would Happen if Cars Could Communicate With Each Other?

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is teaming up with Panasonic to put an end to accidents on the I-70 Mountain Corridor. This partnership is part of CDOT’s RoadX initiative. RoadX is a series of projects that will involve CDOT working with private companies and others to improve traffic safety and congestion in Colorado over… read more

When the Dragon Bites: Surviving a Wreck on America’s Most Famous Motorcycling Road

It’s nestled in the mountains on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. It has 318 curves in 11 miles of winding road. It is probably one of the most visited motorcycling roads in the entire country. It is called “The Dragon,” and if you have ever ridden it, you know that it’s a ride… read more

Do You Think Commercial Truck Drivers Should Have an Age Limit?

Commercial truck drivers have no room for error. The vehicles they operate weigh 80,000 pounds, and depending on where they are, travel 65 miles per hour. When mistakes are made, the results are catastrophic for everyone. Truck accidents kill an estimated 4,000 people every year. A recent investigation by CBS News claims that older drivers,… read more

What Happens When Insurance Companies Don’t Pay Claims?

Insurance companies will not always honor their obligations. This is because insurance companies are businesses, and their purpose is to make profits. Unfortunately, this means they frequently give policyholders less than they deserve. For people who have just survived an accident, an insurance dispute is an exhausting hurdle to overcome. Our blog recently covered the… read more

Are Concussion Rules for Young Athletes Being Ignored?

Almost every state has laws in place to protect student athletes from returning to play after receiving concussions. Colorado has the Jake Snakenberg Youth Sports Concussion Act. Without concussion rules in place to keep concussed players off the field, they could be put at risk for suffering secondary complications. A new study conducted by Texas… read more