Attorney Phil Chupik to Explain Self-Driving Vehicles at BLOCKBUSTER Seminar

Attorney Phil Chupik of Metier Law Firm, LLC

Self-driving cars and trucks are about to become a common sight on roads across the country. The auto industry and Department of Transportation claim self-driving technology will prevent accidents caused by human error. However, many people have questions about how this technology will change transportation and personal injury law. Metier Law Firm’s Phil Chupik will … Continue reading

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Why We Need Motorcycle Coaches

The past few years have been pretty tough on motorcycle racing. Sponsors left the sport, television contracts weren’t renewed, and some domestic championships shrank or disappeared. Despite this slump, diehard racing fans didn’t give up, and it has paid off. Motorcycle road racing is back on television, motocross events are getting healthier, and we have … Continue reading

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6 Warning Signs Someone Is Driving Under the Influence

Impaired drivers are a major force of devastation on roads across the country. Despite the availability of ridesharing services, taxis, and mobile phones to call designated drivers, impaired motorists continue to kill thousands of people per year. Fortunately, other motorists can report impaired drivers and possibly save lives in the process. The following signs may … Continue reading

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