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Will New Laws Help Protect Motorcyclists from Distracted Driving?

Last year was hard for the motorcycling community in Parker, Colorado. They lost two riders when a woman who had been drinking while driving and texting crossed the median and slammed into the couple’s Harley-Davidson. That driver would eventually receive a 20-year sentence, but only because she drank alcohol. If she had only been texting,… read more

Should Semi-Trucks Be Required to Use Side Underride Guards?

A recent NBC News investigation discussed why semi-trucks should be required to use side underride guards. The investigation claims 200 people are killed in side underride crashes every year. These crashes occur when motorists slam into the sides of trucks and are forced underneath. Modern safety features like airbags may be unable to save lives… read more

Should Colorado Cyclists Be Allowed to Roll Through Stop Signs?

There was a recent public debate over whether the Colorado General Assembly should pass Senate Bill 93 (SB 93). The bill would have allowed cyclists to roll through stop signs at a reasonable speed while yielding to vehicles and pedestrians. Cyclists could also treat red lights like stop signs. Proponents and opponents of the legislation… read more

Can This Federal Law Speed Up Your Personal Injury Case?

Medical records are an extremely important part of any personal injury case because they help assess the amount of damages plaintiffs may receive. However, pulling records for these cases, was until recently, a time-consuming and expensive process. Much to the displeasure of attorneys and their clients, it could take several months and cost thousands of… read more

Study Finds Reason Soccer Players Should Never Head the Ball

Football is commonly associated with sports-related concussions. However, it may be time for football to stop hogging the attention. Soccer also poses a concussion risk. New research published in medical journal Neurology claims soccer players who head the ball have a threefold risk of suffering concussions. The study analyzed 222 amateur soccer players who participated… read more

Are Cellphones Increasing Colorado Motorcyclist Fatalities?

It’s been almost a year since a couple from Parker lost their lives to a distracted driving collision. They were riding their Harley-Davidson with a friend on a Saturday afternoon, when a woman, who was texting on her cellphone, crashed into their bike. On January 20th, that woman was sentenced to 20 years in prison… read more

CDOT Has Bad News: Colorado Roads are Increasingly Dangerous

Officials with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) recently announced some alarming news. According to CDOT, 2016 was the deadliest year on state roads in the last 15 years. Statistics released by the organization show more than 600 people died in a combination of bicycle, motorcycle, auto and pedestrian crashes. What makes this news even… read more