How Did America Lose World Champion Nicky Hayden?

The MotoGP Championship of 2006 was not an easy racing year. Back and forth dogfights between championship leaders Valentino Rossi, Dani Pedrosa and American Nicky Hayden were fierce. However, Hayden weathered the storm and became the 2006 world champion. Now, in the twilight of his career, the Kentucky Kid had joined the World Superbike Championship, … Continue reading

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Bike Safety Technology Winners Announced in Colorado’s RoadX Challenge!

In The Colorado Department of Transportation RoadX Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Challenge, entrepreneurs from all over the world submit innovative ideas and concepts for road safety. The recent contest had 8 winners, 5 of them getting a prize of $10,000 for smaller-scale safety technology ideas, and the other three received $75,000 to develop their more … Continue reading

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Who Founded Memorial Day?

General John Alexander Logan. He lived from 1826 to 1886, and served in both the Mexican-American War and as a general for the Union in the Civil War. He went on to become an Illinois State Senator, Congressman, and U.S. Senator. He is considered the principle figure in getting Decoration Day recognized as a national … Continue reading

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