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How Do I Know If I Have a Premises Liability Case?

Two Oregon marijuana processing workers are making premises liability claims against their bosses after experiencing serious injuries following an explosion in the plant. The owners were making hash oil with butane when an explosion broke out. To get injury coverage in Colorado and Wyoming, you need to prove that the owner had a duty to… read more

How Are State Officials Fighting Motorcycle Accidents in Colorado?

Did you know that 125 motorcyclists lost their lives while riding on Colorado roads last year? That is an all-time record for our state. Unfortunately, 2017 is on pace to break that record, but state officials are still fighting to bring these numbers down. How State Officials Are Fighting Motorcycle Accidents in Colorado The halls… read more

Did an Auto Recall cause Your Accident?

Right now, the amount of auto recalls is at an all-time high. The biggest recall in US history, affecting 42 million vehicles, is going on with Takata airbags right now. Another Toyota defect causes gas to leak out of the tank and onto the wheels, causing steering control problems. Defective auto parts including tires, seatbelts,… read more

Motorcycle Mysteries: Things You Need to Know About Motorcycle Tires

It’s May once again, and you know what that means… Motorcycle Safety Month! That time of the year when we all pitch in to share some tips on how to make motorcycling a little bit safer. You can bet the attorneys who ride are going to do their part. Here are some things you need to… read more

How to Prove If Another Driver Was Speeding in an Accident

According to car accident statistics at the Department of Transportation, for every minute saved by speeding, 2.5 minutes of human life are lost in speeding-related accidents. There are almost as many speeding related deaths as alcohol related deaths on the road. In all auto accidents, the most important part in determining liability for damages is… read more