Monthly Archives: August 2017

Should Autonomous Vehicles Be Designed to Crash?

If you’ve driven in Colorado long enough, then you have probably seen a road work convoy or two. These mobile work projects are what help keep Colorado roads and highways clean and maintained. However, when these workers are doing their jobs, they can be vulnerable to the traffic around them. That’s why crash trucks follow… read more

Colorado Has a New Riding Trail, but Are You Ready to Ride It?

Colorado is the perfect place for adventure if you are an outdoor rider. Summit county also happens to be the epicenter of a lot of that fun. There are trails all up down and around Tenderfoot Mountain, there’s even a motocross track that grew out of nowhere in the middle of a field. However, at… read more

Did Chipotle Lie About the Safety of Its Food? A Lawsuit Wants Answers

It’s been rough for Denver-based Chipotle Mexican Grill. The company has been rocked by food quality scandals over the past few years, and investors are not pleased. Will the company face ruin as more lawsuits start to pile up? Is Chipotle Lying about the Safety of Its Food? Right now, Chipotle is dealing with a… read more

Want to See the Great American Eclipse?

Well guess what, we just found a livestream for you to watch it! Don’t forget to also head to our Facebook to post your pics from the eclipse, and if you are watching it live, don’t look into the eclipse without the proper eye protection. You could wind up causing yourself permanent damage.… read more