24 Points For Not Even Speeding

A former skiing star and his 17-year old son went out for a ride on their motorcycles in August and came back home with a cumulative 24 points against their licenses between them.

Andy Mill, a resident of Aspen, was taking his son on a ride over Independence Pass when they passed a black motorcycle with its hazard lights on at approximately 25 mph. The motorcycle turned out to be a Colorado State Trooper, who promptly pulled them both over.

Mill received a ticket for reckless driving, driving without a valid license, failure to display proof of insurance and having an expired license plate. The state trooper claims that Mill’s son crashed his bike, and gave him a ticket for careless driving, violation of driver’s license restrictions, failure to display proof of insurance, expired license plates and not having the bike’s registration present.

The impressive list of infractions Mill racked up demonstrates how much trouble you can get into on your bike without even speeding. Mill claims that the trooper had it out for them, which is definitely a possibility. Regardless, it is vital that you have all your affairs in order when you take your bike out on the road. License and registration are a given, and things like that can prevent one ticket from turning into five.

Have you been unfairly targeted by a police officer while riding your motorcycle, even when you were not in a motorcycle accident?

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