39-Year-Old Man Killed in St. Charles Motorcycle Accident

According to a report by WWLTV Louisiana News, a 39-year-old motorcyclist died in St. Charles Parish due to the negligence of another driver on October 24. The 39-year-old native of Paradis, Louisiana was driving north on Louisiana 52 around 8:45 p.m. when a motorist pulled onto Louisiana 52 from a private road. The motorist cut across the motorcyclist’s lane to head south; however, she did not check for oncoming traffic and collided with the motorcyclist, who did not have sufficient time to engage in an evasive maneuver.

Emergency crews quickly arrived and shuttled the motorcyclist off to the hospital, where he died of his wounds. The motorist and her passenger also taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries. Officials at the hospital sampled the motorist’s blood to send to the toxicology lab to determine if alcohol or drugs was a determining factor in the crash. Police charged the motorist with negligent homicide and failure to yield from a private drive.

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