’48 Hours’ Chronicles Mysterious Denver Car Accident

A recent episode of the news documentary series 48 Hours proves that car accidents can be far more complicated than people suspect.

Denver police were baffled by the 2009 death of Brittney Brashers. Investigators found her dead body behind the wheel of her crashed car in a remote parking lot. She had been drinking, and she was in a complicated relationship with the passenger, Robbie Walters. Walters survived with minor injuries. He was wearing a seatbelt, but Brashers was not.

The coroner said that Brashers’ injuries should not have killed her, but there was nothing conclusive to suggest foul play. Investigator Troy Bisgard, along with Brashers’ family, still felt that there was something more to the case that he had not discovered yet. Eventually, Walters was his own undoing. His wife recorded him telling her that he killed and strangled Brashers and staged the accident. A jury found him guilty and sentenced him to life in prison.

The full episode is available to watch online at the CBS News website.

This case proves that not all car accident cases are open-and-shut. There are always many factors to consider, such as passenger behavior, manufacturing defects in the car or obstructions on the road.

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