6 Myths About Personal Injury Attorneys and Cases

As personal injury attorneys, we’ve heard just about every reason in the book for why people haven’t reached out to us sooner. There are a lot of myths out there about personal injury lawyers and personal injuries in general. In today’s blog, we’re going to dispel six of those common myths so you can make sure you’re moving forward with your case appropriately. This will give you the knowledge you need to understand what’s happening and to help you find a personal injury attorney.

Here at Metier Law Firm, our injury attorneys are committed to helping you find short- and long-term health after your personal injury. We cover a wide range of practice areas, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, burn injuries, wrongful death, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, auto accidents, nursing home abuse, insurance bad faith, and more. If you or a loved one has sustained serious injuries and you need representation to help you get the compensation you deserve, then contact Metier Law Firm today. Here in Colorado, we work throughout Fort Collins, Denver Metro, Golden, and Colorado Springs. We know just how devastating a personal injury can be — let our personal injury law firm help. Contact us today to schedule a risk-free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney in Colorado.

1. I Only Have Minor Injuries, so I Don’t Need a Lawyer

Medical bills can get expensive fast — even for minor injuries. Additionally, you never know what long-term damage the “minor” injuries could cause.

What seems like a relatively minor accident now could actually be a serious injury down the road. Besides this, however, it’s important to remember that bills add up — fast. And, if you’re unsure about whether or not to talk with a personal injury lawyer about a potential case, it’s simple: we offer a risk-free consultation. This means you can go ahead and talk with one of our qualified and experienced personal injury attorneys without any obligation or stress. Even for what seem like more minor injuries, you’ll have immediate and long-term costs associated with it. Moreso, you could have unseen damages, such as emotional distress or time spent away from work for recovery. The fact of the matter is, you shouldn’t have to pay for the costs associated with a personal injury since you didn’t cause the injuries! Contact us today to see if you should start a personal injury claim with the help of a lawyer.

2. My Insurance Will Cover All My Expenses

Insurance companies typically try to pay you the least amount of money possible to take care of your claim.

Just like any other business, insurance companies want to succeed and turn a profit. Though many people working in the insurance industry are good people who want to help, there’s no denying that they try to meet their business goals. To do this, insurance companies and workers are experts in paying as little as possible to get you back on your feet. Therefore, even if you are covered by insurance at the time of the accident, it’s unlikely that your insurance will cover all the expenses associated with your personal injury.

3. The Person Who Injured Me Will Pay for the Damage

In most personal injury cases, it’s actually insurance companies that pay for your claim — not the person who caused the damage.

OK, so if your insurance doesn’t cover all the expenses from your personal injury, then it must be the person responsible who pays for it all, right? Typically, the person who caused your personal injury will be just as unable to pay for all the medical bills and pain and suffering as you are. Instead, it is most likely the guilty person’s insurance that will pay your settlement. This means the other side will resist just as much in giving you a full compensation for the damages.

It’s also important to remember that this is the same when you make a personal injury claim against a company instead of a person. Most companies, such as your employer or a trucking company, will usually have insurance to cover them in the event of an accident.

4. Personal Injury Cases Take Too Much Time

A large percentage of cases are resolved before ever going to trial.

Many people are hesitant to become involved in a personal injury claim and work with a personal injury attorney because they’re worried about how much time it takes. After all, they have work, a family, and plenty of other things that keep them busy; the idea of a long, drawn-out case sounds like a worst-case scenario. However, not all personal injury cases take years to solve — and many never even go to trial. While more serious personal injury claims can take years and will go to trial, the vast majority don’t. Whichever your case ends up being, it’s important to remember that, whether it’s fast or takes a long time, it will be worth it to get the compensation and justice you deserve. While many people may think working with a personal injury attorney on their case will keep them away from work, family, and hobbies, the fact of the matter is that not doing so could mean they don’t have the finances necessary to improve their health and enjoy those things for years to come.

5. It’s Too Expensive to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Metier Law Firm handles claims on a contingent fee basis — meaning you don’t pay until money is collected for you.

Unfortunately, many people don’t work with a personal injury attorney because of what they think are prohibitive costs. However, by doing so, they often are awarded far less in the personal injury settlement and go through more stress in the process.

With our personal injury law firm, we handle everything with the other party and all the legal work so you can focus on getting better. First, you get started with a risk-free consultation. When we say “risk-free,” we mean that you won’t pay a dime to discuss your injury with us and you’re not committed to working with our personal injury attorneys — you’re still fully in control of your case. Secondly, we handle personal injury claims on a contingent fee basis. This means that the legal fee you pay us is a percentage of the amount recovered. There is no fee due unless or until money is actually collected as your compensation.

There are also many expenses associated with personal injury claims. These expenses can include court costs, expert witness fees, the cost of medical records, and more. When you work with a personal injury attorney from our firm, we’ll discuss your financial circumstances with you. In many cases, our law firm advances the expenses with the agreement that you’ll reimburse us at the end of the case.

6. I Can File My Case Whenever I Want

Each state has a statute of limitations for personal injury claims.

Perhaps you think you’ll wait and see just how expensive your personal injury will become over time. We strongly recommend against this for a couple of reasons:

  • Statute of limitations. These vary from state to state for personal injury cases. In Colorado, the statute of limitations for non-car accident personal injuries is two years. For car accident cases, the deadline is three years. If you don’t file within that amount of time, then your case will be dismissed — and you’ll be responsible for all medical payments, etc., associated with your injury.
  • Weaker case. Another reason we recommend against waiting (even if you’re within the statute of limitations) is that it can weaken your case. You need to file a claim to get the process started as soon as possible. As noted earlier, insurance companies try to get out of paying you. If you wait a long time to meet with a personal injury attorney and file your claim, then this essentially gives insurance companies ammunition. For example, they could argue that you’ve been injured since the initial accident and are wrongfully trying to get compensation.

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