Four Reasons To Love Cycling in Fort Collins

Woman Riding Bicycle in ColoradoRecently, Colorado State University (CSU) was recognized as one of the friendliest campuses in the country for cycling. However, this award is also a reflection of the entire town of Fort Collins, which is known nationwide as being one of the friendliest and safest places for cyclists. Fort Collins is also implementing the Bicycle Master Plan, which will make cycling even safer in our city.

What makes Fort Collins “cycling friendly” and safe?

  • Infrastructure is very important for bicycle safety. Protected bike lanes are areas cut off from other traffic that can allow safe access to various locations throughout a city. Fortunately, Fort Collins has protected bike lanes. According to researchers with the University of British Columbia, protected bike lanes result in 90 percent fewer injuries than streets without them.
  • Enforcement is also an important factor in ensuring bicycle safety. Earlier this month, law enforcement in Fort Collins cited 38 cyclists for failing to stop at red lights, stop signs and for performing other risky maneuvers.
  • CSU has an educational outreach program to attract more cyclists and encourage bicycle safety. This service provides instructions and demonstrations on how to perform bicycle maintenance and avoid equipment failures.
  • Fort Collins has some of the best cycling trails in the country, such as the Spring Creek Trail and Foothills Trail.

Why Bicycle Safety is Important

Fort Collins will soon implement its Bicycle Master Plan, which will add a network of bicycle facilities, bike lanes and other infrastructure. These changes could make Fort Collins safer and more accessible for cyclists.

Bicycle accidents can be fatal or cause permanent disabilities for survivors. Fort Collins residents deserve the chance to enjoy cycling without the risk of sustaining life-altering injuries.

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