A Variety of Behaviors Constitute Aggressive Driving

Do you consider yourself an aggressive driver? Many of us would answer no, but you may be surprised to discover what defines aggressive driving. You may be driving aggressively without even realizing it.

The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association offers a checklist to help you consider whether you have engaged in aggressive driving. If you do any of the following, or have done, you may be an aggressive driver:

  • Mentally condemn other drivers.
  • Belittle other drivers to passengers in your car.
  • Speed up to the car in front of you so another car cannot merge.
  • Give other drivers dirty looks.
  • Speed up so another driver cannot pass you or speed by someone in protest.
  • Tailgate other drivers to make them go faster.
  • Imagine acting out violently against other drivers.
  • Honk, yell or gesture obscenely at other drivers.
  • Use your car to threaten or intimidate other drivers.
  • Chase down other cars because of a perceived insult.
  • Get out of the car and yell at other drivers.
  • Deliberately bump other cars.
  • Try to run other cars off the road.

The list seems comprehensive, and it demonstrates how easily one can fall into aggressive driving habits. The best we can all do is to remain calm on the road. Losing your temper can result in an auto accident, and that is never good for anyone.

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