Airbag Jacket Promises to Lessen Impact of Motorcycle Accidents

Two auto manufacturers are launching a product that will turn motorcycle jackets into stylish looking airbags. According to the developer, the product is a step away from traditional motorcycle airbag jackets. The new system works without the need for sensors to be attached to the motorcycle. Instead of a tricky installation, all the rider has to do is zip up his or her motorcycle jacket.

Once the jacket is on, a small electric unit protected by water resistant casing uses software to detect danger. According to the developer, the jacket can detect most dangerous situations, including being rear-ended while waiting at a traffic light. If a motorcyclist is involved in a low-end or high-end collision, the jacket airbag will still function within 30 to 60 milliseconds.

So riders know the airbag system is activated, the jacket comes with a built-in LED display on the sleeve that shows how much battery life is left. Fortunately, the battery life lasts for 25 hours of continuous use and charges in only four hours.

Can Motorcycle Safety Products Save Lives?

Motorcycle accidents are capable of causing spinal cord injuries, and products that can help protect motorcyclists from a lifetime of disability are certainly welcome. Airbag jackets might be able to offer protection to vital organs and the spinal cord, and it is possible products such as this could lead to a reduction in fatal motorcycle accidents.

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