Airforce Ritual Escalates into “Brawl”; 27 Injured

The Colorado Springs Air Force Base has a unique tradition. Every year during the first snowfall, freshman cadets try to throw their cadet sergeant into a snow bank. Air Force officials do not endorse or authorize the “First Shirt/First Snow” activity, which has reportedly grown increasingly violent over the years. This year, 27 students sustained injuries when the incident “turned into a brawl” on October 25, according to an internal email from Brig. Gen. Dana Born.

“Obviously, this has gotten out of hand and cannot be repeated,” Born wrote in the email. “There is no way we can condone or defend this.”

Six cadets sustained injuries that required hospitalization, and others received treatment for burns and lacerations. Other injuries included concussions and at least one arm bite.

The Air Force officials are investigating the incident and, according to a news release, “appropriate measures will be taken.”

This is not the first time that the Air Force base courted controversy. A 2003 Vanity Fair article detailed several allegations of sexual abuse, and a panel found that the base unfairly promoted cadets based on their religious principles.

We hope that officials take action to prevent these sorts of injuries from occurring in the future. Officials said they might allow the tradition to continue if cadets prove that they can behave responsibly. If you sustained injuries on someone else’s property, the property owner might be responsible for your medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. Learn more about your rights by scheduling a free consultation with us. Our number is (866) 377-3800.

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