Allstate to Motorists: “Once is Never Enough”

Allstate is embarking on a campaign to prevent motorcycle accidents at intersections with their ONE (Once is Never Enough) program. The insurance company first launched the program in 2009. It has used a different strategy each year since, encouraging motorists to look twice at intersections before hitting the accelerator.

This year, Allstate teamed with Rick Fairless to create a motorcycle that would be hard to miss at even the darkest intersection. In his trademark tie-dye aesthetic, Fairless and his team built a motorcycle bursting with bright colors, flowers, butterflies, stars, smiley faces, swirls and flying eyeball creatures.

In the YouTube video documenting the making of the bike, Fairless expressed how valuable it is to look multiple times for motorcycles when crossing an intersection.

“Once is not enough to look,” Fairless said. “There’s motorcycles everywhere and if you just kind of glance in your mirror on the side[…]that might not be enough. Motorcycles are smaller and they can be in your blind spot. Turn around and look and see if there’s somebody behind you or beside you.

“I think what Allstate is doing is a great thing and I applaud them for that.”

The bike will be auctioned off during a May 23 episode of “Auction Kings” on Discovery Channel.

According to Allstate’s website, motorcycle accidents are more likely to occur at intersections than anywhere else on the road. We applaud Allstate and Fairless’s efforts to keep motorists aware of motorcycles. Too many motorcyclists die in accidents every year because motorists did not see them.

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