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Do I Always Have to Repay Medical Bills After a Car Crash?

After a serious motor vehicle accident, your medical bills may total more than the at-fault driver’s insurance limits. In these cases, even if you receive a settlement for the full amount of coverage available, you may still be unable to pay back all of your medical expenses. However, as attorney Phil Chupick explains in this video, many states have a Made Whole Doctrine to protect accident victims in these circumstances. Your lawyer can use this doctrine to negotiate with the hospital and other doctors to help you repay medical bills after a car crash for a reasonable amount.

Video Transcription

Many states have a doctrine called the Made Whole Doctrine. That is a law, or a concept, legally, that allows for you to not have to pay back all of your medical bills after a crash, if in fact you were disproportionately awarded or settled for an amount that is less than or disproportionate to your medical bills. In other words, if you settle for something small. For instance, if they don’t have a lot of insurance but your medical bills are large. The Made Whole Doctrine allows your lawyer to negotiate what repayment you must make to those companies, if any. It’s a complex theory, but it’s one that will really help you in the long run recover the most money that you can after a crash.