Should the AMA Snow Bike Series Have a Colorado Round?

Last February, we discovered a new form of winter motorsport, snow biking. Now, that sport has expanded, and is going national. However, Colorado is getting left in the cold as far as this new sport is concerned. What’s going on, and is there anyway our state can become a part of this new national championship?

Will the AMA Snow Bike Series Come to Colorado?

Snow bikes have been around for a while now. These machines replace the front tire of a bike with a ski and the rear tire with a tread. This can lead to some crazy motocross-style fun in the snow. So, it comes as no surprise that people started racing these snow bikes, and that it has become pretty popular.

Last year, the X Games featured snow bikes. This year they have their own racing series, and that series has been sanctioned by the AMA. The 2018 season of the AMA Snow Bike Series will have seven rounds, and it kicked off on December 9th. At the end of the series, one rider will walk away with an official AMA number one plate, making the series a national series to boot. So, what locations will the series visit?

Stops in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Idaho, Nevada, Montana and Oregon are planned, but as you may have noticed, Colorado is not on the calendar. Considering that Colorado is the country’s premier spot for winter sports, it is a bit confusing as to why there are no stops here in the calendar. With only seven rounds, there is a possibility that the series is too small at this point to attract venues, but hopefully that will soon change.

Colorado is a vibrant state with deep motorcycling roots. Hopefully, the 2019 AMA Snow Bike Series makes its way to Colorado soon. There would undoubtedly be many spectators, and potential competitors, interested in experiencing this new sport for themselves.

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